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  • Are Takeaway Coffee Cups Recyclable?
    Are Takeaway Coffee Cups Recyclable? May 09, 2022
    Are takeaway coffee cups, including BioCups, recyclable? Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where the answer to that was a resounding 'yes of course absolutely!' In actual fact, the answer is more complicated and boils down to: Well yes they are officially recyclable, and they jolly well should be recycled EVERYWHERE and in many places they are. BUT it depends on individual waste contractors whether they are actually recycled or not. So (as usual in this age of personal responsibility) - do your research, act accordingly, AND WHENEVER POSSIBLE take your own reusable cup. The television series War on Waste has been wonderful. However, when you see the bit about takeaway coffee cups including BioCups not being recycled in Australia, please look deeper into the subject. So… why is there an issue? Takeaway cups are paper, aren’t they? Well, the issue is that takeaway coffee cups of all varieties, including BioCups, are made of over 95% paper, with a very thin coating of plastic so that they can hold liquids. (The plastic in BioCups is a plant-based bioplastic.) This means that SOME contractors who deal with waste consider them a contaminating item in a recycle bin. However, this combination of paper and plastic is almost identical to milk and juice cartons which are regularly accepted for recycling. Planet Ark says in their blog What's the Deal with Coffee Cup Recycling? that the issue with recycling takeaway cups is how the cardboard and plastic behave in the recycling process – particularly during pulping. The cardboard fibres need to be able to disengage from the plastic component. They give the tip that 'the simple act of flattening paper cups means they will move through the sorting station in the best way.' But do contractors who say they recycle coffee cups actually recycle them? Many coffee cups including BioCups are recycled. Nillumbik Shire, where Going Green Solutions is based, is just one of the many Shires  in Australia that accept takeaway coffee cups and lids in their recycling bins. We have double checked with our Shire Waste Management Team and they have confirmed that takeaway cups ARE being collected and ARE being recycled. This applies to all recycle bins supplied and emptied by Nillumbik Council, which includes all residential bins and some organisations. (Note: as of 2.08.17 some of this information is again under debate. We will update the Blog with the most transparent information available, as we obtain it.) HOWEVER (you will notice that there are a lot of 'howevers' in this unexpectedly complex discussion) remember that businesses within Shires are not allowed to use Council Waste Bins. They are required to organise their own waste management and depending on who their contractor is, takeaway cups may not be recycled. So if your work place or Shire say 'no takeaway coffee cups' in the recycling bin then abide by the rules for the time being, but approach them with facts such as the APCO statement until this decisio...
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  • Can you put plastic containers in the microwave?
    Can you put plastic containers in the microwave? Apr 18, 2022
    Have you ever wondered if your plastic container can go in a microwave? The answer all depends on the plastic used in the container. Containers made from polypropylene (commonly abbreviated to PP) can be used in the microwave without safety risks associated with standard plastic. These types of containers, such as Dispolite plastic containers (not be confused with the PLA versions), are often cloudy in appearance. Remember to microwave the container only once and dispose of it correctly. Unsafe plastics Plastic containers which are not marked as safe, commonly made of PET plastic and polycarbonate, have low melting points, and therefore carry a risk of melting. This can also cause unpleasant smells, damage to appliances, and dangerous fires. Non-metal containers, such as paper food boxes, are safer and economical alternatives to plastic. You may also use microwave-safe dishes to warm your food in and paper towels or plastic wrap to cover food when it’s in the microwave. How can I check the container is microwave-safe? Here are some steps you can use to maximise safety. 1. Check the container for a symbol or text displaying it is microwave safe. Microwave Symbols For Food Packaging2. Ask the food business supplying you with the container if you are unsure. 3. Read your microwave’s user manual to see if it has any additional tips or warnings. 4. For business buyers of containers, seek advice from the supplier or manufacturer.
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  • Compostable Paper  Cups
    Compostable Paper Cups Apr 08, 2022
    We’re a paper cup specialist with a large collection of sizes and different styles. All are customisable. Fully certified to EU food-grade standards and ideal for takeaway coffee and other hot drinks. Unlike conventional disposable paper cups which are lined with plastic, our paper cups are lined with an environmentally-friendly coating that excels in biodegradability and compostability. Furthermore, the high quality paper used to create our cups is sourced from sustainably managed forestry which together make them a sustainable choice for takeaway drinks. Our unique collections feature different designs to match your own concept and are available in various sizes. And, with a smooth flat surface, our cups are perfectly suitable to be branded with your own design. ABOUT OUR ECO-FRIENDLY PAPER COFFEE CUPS ~Made from high quality paper sourced from sustainably managed forestry ~Biodegradable & Compostable ~Lined with BioPLA, a coating that excels in biodegradability and compostability ~Suitable for holding hot drinks ~Available in various sizes and styles ~Combine with one of our compostable cup lids ~Custom designs available on request ~Certified to EU food-grade standards ~Made in China
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  • 100% Biodegradable Paper Cups - PLA vs PE - What's in This Sudden Shift of Focus to PLA?
    100% Biodegradable Paper Cups - PLA vs PE - What's in This Sudden Shift of Focus to PLA? Apr 02, 2022
    PLA vs PE - debates on biodegradability of PE, feasibility of PLA and changes that PLA lined paper cups could bring to the carbon footprint of a paper cup is not new, what is new is the recent consciousness of the regular coffee buyer and coffee shop owner alike towards a more environment friendly alternative to the plastic coated paper cup. Why 100% Biodegradable is so important when paper cups can be successfully recycled? Is the PLA ( Poly Lactic Acid extracted from renewable resources like Corn Starch ) extrusion coated a red herring of the coffee and coffee cup industry? Intended to shift focus from the lack of commitment on the part of the big players to something that is not yet a stable solution. We discussed "Why Some Coffee Giants Don't Recycle Their Paper Cups" with Leslie Carr of Scyphus in an earlier interview. In this part of the ongoing series of interviews, we discuss again the subject of PE plastic extrusion coated paper cups vs PLA plastic extrusion coated paper cups, with Steve Morris of Scyphus Paper Cups. Ever wondered why the paper cup holding your delicious beverage isn’t leaking all over your hands? Or whether your cup is coated in PE plastic or PLA? Probably not. But if people have any concern for the earth – or the future generations that’ll inherit it – they need to sit down and have a good think about what paper cups are made of. Steve, explains why it’s all in the coating. Q. What is PE and PLA and how are they different? PE stands for polyethylene. It’s the type of plastic most commonly used around the world for plastic bags, packaging, and containers.  It’s also used as a coating on paper cups to make them strong and waterproof. PLA, on the other hand, is made from plant-based materials such as corn starch or sugar cane. It’s known as a bioplastic because these materials are renewable resources. The thing with PE is that it’s petroleum-based, which can affect how long it takes for the cup to break down. PE-lined cups can still be recycled, but they have to go through a recycling process separate to other recyclables. PLA, on the other hand, is totally biodegradable and can be composted. PLA breaks down naturally when it’s exposed to the environment, and it doesn’t leave any toxic residues. Q. Why is plastic used as a coating on paper cups? A paper cup needs to be waterproof, obviously, or it wouldn’t handle what’s poured into it! The first paper cups were made waterproof using a thin coating of clay, but as you can imagine, this made the drink taste pretty nasty! Wax was also used for a while, then somebody invented PE. PE was a magic solution because it made the cups strong and waterproof, and it had no impact on the taste. Q. How did PLA come about? PLA was invented way back in the 1920s, but at the time it was too costly to use commercially. Then in 1989, someone discovered that PLA could be made from corn starch. This was a big deal because it meant there was now an environmentally-friendly bioplastic that ...
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  • The recent shipments
    The recent shipments Jan 27, 2022
    Xiamen Wei Mon Environmental Materials Co., Ltd. was founded by Wel Mon Group in 1999(President Mr. Lai Wen-Jen established Wei Mon Industry Co., Ltd. In Taiwan in 1987. In 1999, the division of Environmental Materials was set up. And in 2010, Hua-Nan (South China) production base was established supplying 100% PLA coated paper products. In view of corporate social responsibility, the ideal of sustainable development, the responsibility for global environmental protection,and the safeguarding of consumers' health, the company started the research and development on biodegradable materials. The product concept is that the material will be in the cycle of endless life that it is from thenature and returns to the nature to reduce the damage and impact to the environment. In addition to the successful development of high-quality biodegradable plastic products, the company has developed various applications on food packaging products with PLA and created Pland Paper products that laminated PLA with paperboards. The products are widely distributed all over the world. YJS Environmental Technologies Co. Ltd. was established in August 2015 by the Holding company of Formosa Optical and Hydron Taiwan as well as Fuqing Three Sun Electronics Co., LTD. The philosophy of the company is to protect the earth, reduce the risk of food safety and corporate sustainable operation. The four core values are environmental protection, carbon reduction, safety and health. Xiamen Wei Mon is inherited by YJS that the company continues developing high-quality 100% biodegradable materials and products. The company has begun its active participation in setting up marketing strategy and plans to promote natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly and sustainable Pland Paper and PLA products and bring them to more consumers all over the world. Limited resources but infinite circulation Pland Paper always adheres the sustainabl concept of "take from the nature and returns to the nature" and dedicates in the implement of the green protection with the goal of "energy saving, carbon reducing, and loving the earth" What is Pland Paper"(Wei Mon Paper)? PlandPaper is paperboard coated with PLA (poly lactic acid). Pland Paper is water and oil resistant.It isused widely in food packaging, including coffee cups, soup bowls, paper plates and lunch boxes. Pland Paper complies with the regulations of US FDA, EU, Japan and Talwan for "food utensils, containers and packaging sanitary standards.“Pland Paper" will be decomposed as a fertilizer and soil nutrients. It is agreat material that is natural, non-toxic, environmental-friendly and sustainable. The first company develops see-through paper cups with double PLA coating in 2018. Xiamen Wei Mon takes active part inR&Dof 100% biodegradable materials and paper food packaging products. ...
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